Lockup, Breakout expansion, plastic tiles, and Kulbak pack cards
Lockup game in progress with minions placed in Exercise yard
Contraband items that can be purchased in Lockup, including an Improvised Shovel
Earn points from goal cards in Lockup

Lockup - All-in Bundle

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Craft contraband, recruit goons, and become the most notorious inmate!
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Lockup is a worker placement game with elements of bluffing, set collection, resource management, and variable scoring to make sure each game feels different. Collect and play tome cards at the right moment to get the upper hand. Each player's crew has members with different strengths and abilities. Knowing when and where to use each member of the crew is key to success in Kulbak.

In Lockup: Breakout, players have new ways to earn reputation by sending their seekers to explore the subterranean passageways beneath the prison, and dedicating crew to influence the legendary inhabitants of Kulbak. Gain the most reputation over six rounds by crafting items, recruiting goons and advancing the catacombs all the while, avoiding the suspicion of the guards. The player with the most reputation stars wins the game.

The Plastic Crew Tiles replace the crew tiles for both Lockup and the Breakout expansion.

The Kulbak Mini-expansion for Lockup features three new goal cards (instant, leader, and end game) and four new tome cards. Simply add these to your existing game to introduce new challenges and strategies.

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