Icons showing friendly shipping in the EU, UK, Canada, Australia, and the US

No or maybe - it depends on which products you order and where you live. For a shorter summary, read the "No" and "Maybe" notes below or see the full details on our Shipping Policy.

  • No - if you live in EU/UK/CA/AU and select product options in your region (e.g., "Ship from Germany" if you live in the European Union or "Ship from UK" if you live in the UK), there will be no VAT/tax/duty owed upon arrival.

  • Maybe - when selecting any "Ship from US" product option, you may be charged import VAT/tax/duty upon arrival (extremely likely in EU/UK for all orders and in CA for orders over $40 CAD). Thunderworks will not reimburse these charges.

It depends on which products your order. Please review our Shipping Policy for full details.

For all "Ship from US" product options (except the Roll Player Adventures base game and Roll Player Adventures - All-In Bundle), our website supports shipping addresses in the following regions:

  • North America: US, CA, MX
  • Europe: UK, all 27 European Union countries, CH, NO, IS, RS, BY, TR, AM
  • AU, NZ, ZA
  • Asia: CN, HK, ID, IN, JP, KR PH, SG, TW, TH
  • Middle East: IL, SA, AE
  • South America: AR, CL, PE

For all other product options, our website supports a more limited number of regions (e.g. "Ship from Australia" can only ship to AU and NZ). Please see the full list of countries by product option on our Shipping Policy.

If you live outside of these areas, it may still be possible to ship your order. Please email us at info@thunderworksgames.com with your country and desired items. Then we will reply to confirm whether we can ship your order and the shipping costs. Alternatively, you may want to consider using a forwarding address in the United States to ship your order to you.

Unfortunately we are not able to ship any orders to the following countries at this time:

  • BR, RU

It depends on which product options you select (e.g, “Ship from US”, “Ship from Germany”, etc) and where you live.

Most US orders will arrive within 3-5 business days. Please see our Shipping Policy for a detailed breakdown of estimated delivery timelines.

Note: Pre-order items will not ship until they are available and other items ordered at the same time may also be held until the pre-order items are available. Please read the latest Kickstarter update for the related project to see the current delivery estimate.

For orders to US addresses, you should receive a tracking email within 1 business day after placing your order. Please look in your spam for an email from info@thunderworksgames.com.

For orders to other countries, please review our Shipping Policy for guidance on when to expect your tracking email.

If you do not receive a tracking email, you may ask our chat bot by clicking on the chat icon and entering your order ID or email.

If the chat bot cannot find your tracking number in our system, please try again later. Or after 1 business day beyond the listed handling time for your country, please email us at info@thunderworksgames.com

Yes - enter discount code LOCALPICKUP on the checkout page for free shipping.

Important! Please email info@thunderworksgames.com in advance with your expected arrival date and time range.

Our warehouse is located at:

7182 US Highway 14, Unit 402, Middleton, WI 53562

You may pick up your order from Mon - Fri, 9:30 am - 6 pm (except Thu 11:30 am - 2 pm).

Sorry for the trouble placing your order! We recently launched our new website and in spite of our best efforts, there is a chance something is not configured properly.

Please email info@thunderworksgames.com and we'll get back to you within 1 business day.

For orders to US addresses, we typically use USPS or UPS, depending on the size and distance from our warehouse.

If you concerns about a delivery using a particular carrier, please email us at info@thunderworksgames.com before placing an order.

Unfortunately the shipping prices listed reflect our actual shipping costs, minus the portion that we cover on your behalf.

With that being said, if you're trying to order a very large quantity of items or a very heavy combination of items, there is a chance the website is not able to calculate your shipping price accurately.

Two options to consider:

  1. Try filling multiple carts separately and comparing the total shipping charges across the orders versus the shipping charges from the one large cart.
  2. You may email info@thunderworksgames.com for a custom shipping quote to confirm that the shipping price is accurate. Please provide a) your country and b) all the products you want to order. You'll hear back in 2-3 business days.

Damages / Replacements / Refunds

Please review our Refund Policy for full details regarding damages, replacements, and refunds.

Yes - we offer free replacements for any English version of Thunderworks products.

Please email info@thunderworksgames.com and provide a) your full mailing address + phone number, b) a description of what parts are missing/broken and list the product name, and c) upload a picture of damaged parts for our records.

Most of our warehouses are very good about packaging your items securely, but sometimes damages happen.

Please do not open the package and take multiple pictures of the package, including the shipping label. That way we can file an insurance claim with the carrier, as needed.

Then, open the package and inspect the contents, taking further pictures as needed.  If your items have substantial damages, please email us at info@thunderworksgames.com with pictures and we will offer you a partial credit or replacement items. 

First, please double check that any small items are not hiding in the packing material, taped to another item, or included in a sealed bag with other small items.

Then, if any items are still missing, please email us at info@thunderworksgames.com and we will send the missing items.

Yes, although there are situations where a refund is not possible. Please see our Refund Policy for details. 

Game Rules

Feel free to email us at info@thunderworksgames.com and we’ll be happy to assist as soon as we can.

For more real-time help:

  1. BoardGameGeek - you may find the answer to your question amidst the many public questions and answers posted on the respective game forums (e.g, the Cartographers forums).
  2. Facebook - there is an active group of Thunderworks Games fans that may be able to help. You can join the World of Ulos Facebook group.

Each of our game pages has the latest rulebook posted under the “Resources” section.

Most of our games do not have rule changes, but Roll Player Adventures is a notable example where the resting system and legendary mode were changed between the first and second printing.

Media Partners

If you represent a board game media channel:

We love collaborating with board game media partners! We are able to offer games in exchange for your coverage.

Although we sometimes pay for sponsored coverage, that is a more limited scenario.

Please fill out our Media Partner Survey and list which two games you are most interested in covering. You’ll hear back regarding availability of those games in your region.

Yes - Keith (owner and designer) is always happy to be interviewed or join a podcast.

For livestreams, someone from Thunderworks may be able to join, depending on the day and time.

Please email info@thunderworksgames.com with what you’re thinking and you’ll hear back from us.

Please fill out our Media Partner Survey and you’ll be added to the our media newsletter. We typically send emails with game announcements and when review copies are available for your region.

Getting Involved

Yes - we are always looking to collaborate with talented artists on game projects.

Please email your portfolio to info@thunderworksgames.com and you’ll hear back from us in 1-2 weeks.

Yes - we are always looking for help reading through rulebooks.

Please email info@thunderworksgames.com and you’ll hear back when new opportunities arise.

Yes - during the development process of each game we may reach out to a number of groups to help playtest the game.

Please complete our Playtesting Survey and you’ll hear back when new playtesting opportunities arise.

Yes - although we have a regular crew that works for us at conventions, there are sometimes opportunities to help at shows.

Please complete our Convention Support Survey and you’ll hear back when new opportunities arise.

Most likely! We enjoy partnering with friendly local game stores to run demos of Thunderworks products.

Please complete the Convention Support Form.

There you can identify what games you have access to or are comfortable running demos for both at in person events as well as virtual. Please indicate your store information on this form too!

Potentially - depending on your skills and the timing of when you reach out there could be opportunities to help in other ways, especially if you live close to Madison, Wisconsin.

Areas where we often need help include voiceover, animation, and photography, to name a few. But it doesn’t hurt to ask! Please email info@thunderworksgames.com and you’ll hear back from us.

Game Submissions

Yes - although we are not actively looking for new games to publish (our schedule is full for multiple years), we will take a brief look at your game idea if:

  1. the game includes a solo mode and
  2. you have a sell sheet to succinctly pitch your game and highlight what makes it special.

If both statements are true, please email your sell sheet to info@thunderworksgames.com and you’ll hear back from us within 1-2 weeks.

Donation Requests

If you represent a non-profit, library, school, or gaming convention:

Sometimes we are able to donate games, but each request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

You may email info@thunderworksgames.com with details and we will consider your request.

Retail / Wholesale Requests

If you represent a retail store or a distributor that sells to retail stores:

Yes - we are happy to sell direct to retailers. Please see our Retailer Portal for more information and email claire@thunderworksgames.com to set up an account.

Note: Amazon sales are prohibited for Thunderworks titles. Thunderworks Games reserves the exclusive right to sell our products on Amazon, effective July 1, 2022.  

Yes - we are happy to set up a wholesale account. Please email claire@thunderworksgames.com for more details and to set up an account.

Localization / Language Translations

Yes - Lucky Duck Games manages our international licensing as of late 2023. Please email Globalsales@luckyduckgames.com for availability and pricing and Maria and Marta will be in touch.

Yes - we have over 20 partners around the world that sell localized versions of Thunderworks titles. Please email info@thunderworksgames.com for specific game or language requests and we can advise which companies sell our games in the language requested.