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Maul Peak box on table with game components

Maul Peak + Ancient Relics (Mini-Expansion)

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Battle as enormous Guardians and the powerful Grizzar bears.
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  • Asymmetric combat game for 2 players
  • Features variable player powers and hand management
  • Award-winning game designed by our own Keith Matejka

Maul Peak is a two-player, asymmetric, tactical combat game in which players take the roles of either a tribe of bears or a towering behemoth of a Guardian. Play on the board AND the Guardian for epic battles.

Maul Peak is a standalone sequel to the original game Skulk Hollow, and all Guardians and Heroes can be pitted against each other. All new guardians work with the original Foxen Heroes & Map, Bears vs old Guardians, Bears vs new Guardians — you name it!

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