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Combat against a gang of goblins in Roll Player Adventures
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Roll Player Adventures components - Storybooks, Party Journal and dice
Roll Player Adventures components - Adventure Maps, Skillbook, and cards
Roll Player Adventures components - Character sheets and card decks

Roll Player Adventures

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Set out an 11 adventure, RPG-style campaign - your decisions have lasting consequences!
   1-4        90-150 min        14+
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Features: Branching story narrative, dice manipulation, character development
  • Cooperative campaign game with tough decisions and lasting consequences
  • Import your favorite hero from Roll Player or play with one of 36 pre-generated characters
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Roll Player Adventures is a cooperative storybook board game for 1-4 players set in the world of Roll Player. Player characters face challenges, explore new lands, make friends and enemies, solve puzzles, fight monsters and make important decisions that will shape the story as they progress through 11 core adventures and a re-playable side quest.

Partway through adventure 2 of Roll Player Adventures with components on table

For fans of:

Role-playing games

Choose from one of many characters, or import a favorite Roll Player character and take them on a heroic journey. If you do import a character you've built in Roll Player, any number of expansions and any number of promo cards/boards that were used may continue to be used in Roll Player Adventures.

  • Dimensions: 15.9 x 12.4 x 6"
  • Weight: 15.94 lbs
  • Release date: 2021
  • 2nd Printing release date: Nov, 2023


  • Design: Keith Matejka, James William Ryan, Peter Andrew Ryan
  • Illustration: JJ Ariosa, Lucas Ribeiro, Veronika Fedorova, Damien Mammoliti, Shen Fei Luis Francisco, Rainer Petter
  • Graphic Design: Luis Francisco, Stephen Kerr


  • 12 Adventure Storybooks
  • 1 Tome of Encounters
  • 1 Skillbook
  • 6 Adventure Maps (double sided)
  • 4 Character Boards
  • 25 Character Insert Sheets
  • 10 Party Journals
  • 1 Dice Bag
  • 36 Attribute Dice
  • 15 Familiar Dice
  • 1 Party Marker Miniature
  • 40 XP Cubes
  • 3 Favor Markers
  • 3 Round Markers
  • 30 Gold Coins
  • 95 Stamina Cubes
  • 14 Stamina tokens
  • 10 Encounter Tokens
  • 8 Bonus Play Tokens
  • 6 Event Tokens
  • 1 Sentry Token
  • 4 Player Aids
  • 103 Discovery Cards
  • 107 Title Cards
  • 38 Modifier Cards
  • 60 Rare Cards
  • 15 Familiar Cards
  • 61 Enemy Cards
  • 36 Class Cards
  • 36 Pre-generated Character Portrait Cards
  • 17 Standard Portrait Cards
  • 23 Armor Cards
  • 19 Scroll Cards
  • 25 Skill Cards
  • 36 Trait Cards
  • 26 Weapon Cards

There are 2 expansions for Roll Player Adventures:

  • Nefras's Judgement - Adds character Backstories side quests that weave your hero's past into the main campaign. This expansion plays alongside the original game story.
  • Gulpax's Secret - A full new campaign with 7 all-new chapters set 2000 years before the events of the original story, and a Professions mechanic to add even further character customization. This expansion plays separately from the original story.
  • Roll Player Metal Coins
  • Roll Player Dice Tower

You can enjoy Roll Player Adventures on the following digital platforms:

How to Play

1.) Explore the World of Ulos

Choose your hero (or import one from Roll Player!) and embark on a journey of discovery and adventure. Traverse maps of fantastical locations, and play your way through the guided scenarios in the adventure book

Level up your party and gain abilities and items to aid you in your quest across the kingdom of Nalos. Earn riches, buy loot and upgrades, make friends, gain enemies, and alter the fate of the world along the way!

Roll Player Adventures game in progress with a dark elf sorcerer character
Roll Player Adventures combat against a gang of goblins with dice
2.) Face challenges

Team up with your party to solve puzzles, conquering foes and obstacles in your path. Combat and Skill Checks are resolved as a dice manipulation and placement challenge, where players use their own special skills, abilities, and gear to alter the rolled dice and achieve victory.

But every failure has a price…

3.) Make impactful choices

Each choice you make, every success and every failure, will alter your destiny and the options your future holds. Not only will your reputation with various factions change, but a clever system of keywords and titles offers a branching story line full of secrets.

No matter what choices you make, someone will remember. Choose wisely, take risks, and change the course of history!

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