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Goblin Vaults

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Use tactics and a bit of luck to stash loot in this clever card game.
   1-5        30-45 min        14+
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Features: Hand management, bidding, scoring patterns
  • Wager carefully to win other cards or keep your own
  • Score points based on multiple elements, including card position, suit, and patterns
  • Choose from a wide range of scoring objectives each game
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Goblin Vaults is a strategy card game for 1-5 players featuring bidding, card placement, and scoring patterns.

Wager cards to win loot from the central cell block and stash it wisely in your vault to earn gears. Earn gears based on the position of cards in your vault and from scoring objectives that change each game.

Game of Goblin Vaults in play on table

For fans of:

Classic card games and trick-taking games

With cunning and clever scheming, make your bid to be feared amongst your peers! You’ll need wits and luck to play your cards right as you fill your vault and influence the warden in your favor. After nine rounds, whoever has the most gears wins the game!

Reviews of Goblin Vaults

"We played it 3 or 4 times back to back to back - it was a blast! ...I'm going to put Goblin Vaults into my Quiver and kick something out. It was THAT good!"

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Blue Peg Pink Peg
Robb Rouse

"This game is fantastic! If you're looking for a solid, relatively short game with a lot going on with it, that's Goblin Vaults. It's getting my highest honor, a saxophone serenade!"

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The Game Boy Geek
Dan King

"Instantly captured my attention. I loved it from the first game!"

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Thinker Themer

"It sings, it's smooth, I love it! It's a great little card game, I highly recommend it."

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All Aboard Gamer
Lexi Robertson
  • Dimensions: 8 x 5.8 x 1.5"
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs
  • Release date: Mar 2023


  • Design: Keith Matejka & Eric Schlautman
  • Illustration: Lucas Ribeiro, Diego Sá, Rainer Petter, and Veronika Fedorova
  • Graphic Design: Stephen Kerr
  • ​Development: John Brieger & Luke Muench
  • Wordsmith: Peter Ryan
  • Editor: Dustin Schwartz


  • 82 Cards
  • 26 Gear Tokens
  • 5 Wooden Faction Markers
  • 1 First Player Marker
  • 1 Scorepad
  • 1 Rulebook

There are currently no expansions for Goblin Vaults.

  • Promo Card (1) - double-sided goal card to add variety .
  • Playmat

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How to Play

1) Bid

Players take turns bidding on one of three cards in a central area of the table. Play a high card to win the bid, or play a low card to keep it for yourself.

2) Build

Stash loot cards in your vault and arrange them for final scoring. Typically your cards will be locked into the position where you place them, unless you earn a bonus action by matching the warden suit!

3) Score

Earn gear tokens based on the position of cards in your vault, their suit, or card patterns. You can't score everything, so choose wisely!

4) Goals

Each game is a new challenge as scoring objectives change every time you play. At the end of nine rounds, the player with the most gears wins!

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