Box of the Stonespine Architects board game
Drafting a chamber card to place in Stonespine Architects
Adding a card to a dungeon in Stonespine Architects
Player picking up a treasure token and gold track board showing player pieces in Stonespine Architects
Placing a trap in a dungeon to meet a scoring condition on a blueprint card in Stonespine Architects
Stonespine Architects components with a thematic dungeon background

Stonespine Architects

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Build your own perilous dungeon and become a master architect.
   1-5        45-60 min        10+
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Features: Pick-and-pass card drafting, tableau building, scoring patterns
  • From the design team of the smash hit - Cartographers.
  • Draft chamber cards featuring monsters, traps, and treasures.
  • Arrange your dungeon carefully to complete paths, blueprints, and goals.
Golden Cog Award from All Aboard Gamer for Stonespine Architects

Stonespine Architects is a card-drafting game for 1-5 players where you compete to construct the most dangerous labyrinth.

Players simultaneously draft and play cards to expand their dungeons, one chamber at a time. Follow a unique blueprint and a variety of scoring challenges. Choose between mapping a path through your underground tunnels, placing key elements in your rooms, or searching for extra riches.

For fans of:

Cartographers and Sushi Go

Spend gold between rounds to customize your labyrinth with monsters, traps, treasures, and secret passages. At the end of four years, the player with the most treacherous dungeon will earn the title of Master Architect!

Dungeon-crafting is an ancient Minotaur art that you’ve studied for a decade under Master Hortgully. To demonstrate your skill as your final project, you must carve your own perilous labyrinth into the base of the Stonespine Mountains.

Reviews of Stonespine Architects

"This game plays so smooth! I love how many paths to victory there are, and they a great job of creating so many ways to adjust your strategy mid-game."

Picture of Daniel Burrell from board game channel Play the Game HQ
Play the Game HQ
Daniel Burrell

"Stonespine Architects is my new favorite card-drafting game!"

Picture of Grant Lyon from board game channel Grant's Game Recs
Grant's Game Recs
Grant Lyon

"Big, big recommend from me! If you are a fan of spatial puzzlers, definitely check Stonespine Architects out."

Picture of Karl Rahenkamp from board game channel Purple Moose Plays
Purple Moose Plays
Karl Rahenkamp

"Each choice can present you with a dilemma. If a card matches your blueprint demand but breaks the path to the entrance, is it worth playing anyway? ...It all adds up to a delightful puzzle."

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Jonathan Liu
  • Dimensions: 10.8 x 7.5 x 2.6"
  • Weight: 2.38 lbs
  • Release date: Apr 2024


  • Design: Jordy Adan
  • Illustration: Lucas Ribeiro, Damien Mammoliti, Diego Sá
  • Graphic Design: Luis Francisco, Stephen Kerr
  • ​Development: John Brieger, Breeze Grigas, Keith Matejka & Luis Francisco


  • 100 Chamber Cards
  • 30 Challenge Cards
  • 18 Challenge Cards
  • 8 Blueprint Cards
  • 8 Goal Cards
  • 10 Reference Cards
  • 9 Jael Cards (Solo)
  • 1 Tracking Board
  • 10 Wooden Tracking Markers
  • 10 Wooden Doorway Markers
  • 5 Dungeon Frames
  • 56 Market Tokens
  • 1 Scorepad
  • 1 Rulebook

There are currently not any expansions for Stonespine Architects.

  • Mini Expansions - card pack to add variety and new challenges.

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How to Play

1) Expand your dungeon

Draft chamber cards - placing one card at a time - to fill your labyrinth with monsters, traps, and treasures.

2) Accomplish scoring goals

Arrange cards carefully to complete scoring goals. You start the game with a unique blueprint and compete with other players for two global scoring goals.

3) Map a path

Connect rooms to your dungeon entrance or exit to earn additional points. Or earn double points for a path that links to both!

4) Purchase new elements

Spend your gold wisely to improve your dungeon with extra monsters, traps, treasures, and even secret passages to connect your paths! Then, select a new personal scoring challenge (you will receive three throughout the game).

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