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Board game retailers - you are an integral part of the board game community. To help you sell games more effectively to your customers, you can purchase the full Thunderworks game catalog directly through us, including promos and exclusive content.

Reach out with any questions.

Roll on! ~ Claire | (608) 620-4717‬ (call/text)


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No, unfortunately not.

Amazon sales are prohibited for Thunderworks titles. Thunderworks Games reserves the exclusive right to sell our products on Amazon, effective July 1, 2022.  

Yes - we are happy to set up a wholesale account. Please email claire@thunderworksgames.comfor more details and to set up an account

Yes! You can back any of our Kickstarter campaigns at the retailer pledge level.

This includes retailer-specific pricing and access to all products available to consumers.

Distribution Availability

You can order all of our base games and most expansions (but not promos or exclusive content) from a robust network of reputable distributors worldwide.

Simply search "TWK" in their ordering systems or contact them directly to place an order.

  • Asmodee Nordics (Denmark)
  • Brave New World (Germany)
  • Frontdepot (Germany)
  • Intrafin (Belgium)
  • Kaissa (Greece)
  • Outland (Norway)
  • ​Meeple Distribution
  • VR
  • Our Games Trading Company (TH)
  • VFI (China)
  • Boardgame Space Trading Company (AE)