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Dawn of Ulos in play, showing one player's pieces and the game board
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Dawn of Ulos

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Manipulate the rise and fall of mortals as you shape a new world.
   1-5        60-90 min        14+
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Features: Stock market manipulation, tile placement, bluffing
  • Invest in factions, whose power grows with territory size
  • Dynamic conflict resolution where all players are involved
  • 10 different factions with matching plastic miniatures
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For untold eons, the mortal races lived in separate planes, but now the dragon god Azema forges a new world by opening rifts to other planes.

Dawn of Ulos is an economic tile-laying game for 1-5 players. You compete in a game among gods of the planarverse, wagering on and manipulating the rise and fall of mortals.

Dawn of Ulos in play, showing one player's pieces and the game board

For fans of:

Stock market manipulation and conflict

Control the fate of Ulos! Develop a new world, invest in your favorite factions, and pit armies against each other. Choose wisely when to exert your influence. As factions rise and fall, will you earn the most favor with the world creator?

Reviews of Dawn of Ulos

"This is an excellent economic game!"

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Rolling Dice & Taking Names
Tony McRee

"It's the grimiest, most savage game I've played in a long time and that's what makes it wonderful!"

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3 Minute Board Games
Jarrod Carmichael

"it’s a surprise hit, a stock game that pulls new tricks with the format, a tile-layer that draws inspiration from the greats, and a contest that’s oh so perfectly nasty."

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Dan Thurot

"I really, really liked it! This really reminded of Acquire and I like the magical, fantasy theme abilities applied onto it."

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Shira Anderson
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 8.9 x 3.5"
  • Weight: 5.39 lbs
  • Release date: Aug 2023


  • Design: Jason Lentz
  • Illustration: Diego Sa
  • Graphic Design: Luis Francisco & Stephen Kerr
  • ​Development: Keith Matejka


  • 10 Faction Miniatures
  • 59 Favor Tokens
  • 48 Development Tiles
  • 12 Rift Tiles
  • 10 Power Markers
  • 6 Map Sections
  • 160 Faction Cards
  • 75 Solo Cards
  • 12 Pillage Tokens
  • 5 Player Mats
  • 2 Reference Cards
  • 1 Power Board
  • 1 Wooden Start Player Marker
  • 1 Ulrir Mat (solo mode)
  • 1 Rulebook

There are not currently any expansions for Dawn of Ulos.

  • Mini Expansions (1) - additional rift tiles to add variety.
  • Metal Favor Tokens

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How to Play

1) Place terrain tiles

Expand the influence of rival factions on a map. Choose to develop existing territories or establish new ones and collect valuable rewards.

Placing a terrain tile on the map in Dawn of Ulos
Dawn of Ulos faction cards in 10 fantasy races
2) Acquire cards

As new territories emerge, factions lay claim to available land. Invest in factions after they first enter the map or pay a premium after their influence grows.

3) Manipulate factions

Influence the rise and fall of factions by secretly contributing cards to conflicts.

Pit armies against each other by connecting territories together and then watch the losing faction disappear from the map! Factions with bigger territories have an advantage, but players can swing the battle by playing faction cards.

The Flayer faction is occupying territory on the map
Favor tokens and faction cards accumulated throughout the game by Nefras, the goddess of judgement and dreams
4) Earn Favor

Choose wisely whether to redeem your cards early or hold them until the end. 

Play cards when factions are stronger for better rewards. If a faction loses in conflict, its value drops to almost nothing, but the end game bonuses for the strongest factions are legendary!

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