Goblin placing a gear while grinning menacingly at a stack of dice on the table Goblin placing a gear while grinning menacingly at a stack of dice on the table
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Emerald Skulls

Never bet against Green.
Emerald Skulls board game box with illustration of a green goblin playing with dice and gears
Quick wits, fast hands

Emerald Skulls is a fast action, push-your-luck dice gambling game for 1-6 players.

Test your wits and luck to fill the skull with dice and place speedy wagers on other players’ rolls. With virtually no down-time, it's always your turn to play!

win the pot
Gamble your gears

When the pot of gears runs out, the player with the most is the winner!

Start with 3 dice, or spend your precious gears to add more to your pool. But be careful - once you place dice on the skull, you can no longer put dice on lower tiers for the rest of your attempt.

push your luck
A skull full of dice

Each round, one player is the tumbler, rolling dice and placing them on the 5 tiers of the Emerald Skull. The more dice you place without busting, the better your rewards!

Keep an eye on your opponents - you can foil their plans by avoiding their predictions.

Will you chicken out, bust, or reap the rewards of the Emerald Skull?

Real-time betting
Place your bets

While the tumbler takes their turn with the dice, it's your turn to gamble on their final results. Wager on a wide range of unique outcomes, and even counter-bet against your opponents.

Be quick - The first to place their marker on a winning result gets the highest payout!

Use your tricks
Pick your move

There are lots of ways to roll for success in Emerald Skulls, from buying extra dice to... picking your nose?!

You may remove a die from the nose of the skull. Re-roll it, along with all your remaining dice. However, if you leave nose dice alone, you'll earn useful re-roll cubes. So don't over-pick!

Graphic badges indicating Ages 14+ for 1-6 players, 30-45 minutes. The "6" is crossed out and "Up to 8 players" is written in red as if in correction
7-8 Player


Play with the whole gang!
A hand rolling green dice into the box lid of Emerald Skulls board game A hand rolling green dice into the lid of Emerald Skulls board game
High Quality Core components

Roll In Style

Plus an array of fancy exclusives!
Simultaneous Action

Say Goodbye
to Down-time

Everyone plays together!


  • Fulfillment for Kickstarter pre-orders is planned for Spring of 2025.
  • Backers will receive their copies prior to retail release.
  • No.This game is fully stretched to provide all intended content and high quality components.
  • Yes! There are multiple exclusive items for Emerald Skulls available during the campaign.
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  • Yes. This game takes place in the same world as Roll Player, Cartographers, Lockup, Roll Player Adventures, Stonespine Architects, and the sister game to Emerald Skulls, Goblin Vaults.
  • Experience with these games is NOT required to play and enjoy Emerald Skulls.

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