Covers for Cartographers map 1 (Nebblis), map 2 (Affril) and map 3 (Undercity) plus four ambush cards.
Lava flowing from a volcano in Cartographers Map pack 1, Nebblis
Drawing a connection between two islands in Cartographers Map Pack 2, Affril
Drawing a connected line of shapes from the doorway in Cartographers Map Pack 3, Undercity

Cartographers: Riftlands Map Pack Bundle

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NOTE: The three map packs are included in 2 other products: 1) Cartographers Heroes - Collector's Edition, 2) Map Pack Collection.

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Expand your Cartographers or Cartographers Heroes games with more maps, new challenges and a collection of four new monsters to ambush you!

Ordering the bundle will save you money ($25 vs $30 MSRP)!

This bundle includes: Map Packs 1-3 (Nebblis, Affril, Undercity) + the Ambush Mini-Expansion for free!


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