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Draw shapes to create your own fantasy map.
   1-100        30-45 min        10+
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Features: Flip-and-write, scoring patterns, polyominoes
  • 4.8 Amazon rating (1,700+ ratings)
  • Spiel de Jahres Nominee (2020)
7 awards for the game Cartographers

Cartographers is an award-winning, fantasy map-drawing game for everyone - literally! Play by yourself or with up to 100 players of all ages. Each turn, a card is revealed that gives players a choice of what to draw. Simultaneously draw shapes on a grid-based map and fill them with forests, farms, villages, and water.

In-play image of Cartographers. Shows a map sheet, and various explore cards.

For fans of:

Tetris and adult coloring books

But beware of monsters that other players will draw on your map! Fill your map wisely to complete a variety of scoring patterns that change each game. Earn points after each season and at the end of four seasons, the player with the highest reputation is declared the greatest cartographer in the kingdom!

Reviews of Cartographers

"A lovely little addition to my roll & write collection."

Picture of Matt Lees
Shut Up & Sit Down
Matt Lees

"Perfect if you want something chill and non-confrontational for 2-4 players."

Photo of Jon Purkis with a hand of cards
Jon Purkis

"A lot of fun and a really well done game."

Picture of Tom Vasel
The Dice Tower
Tom Vasel

"Everyone we've introduced it to really loves it. It's a classic for a reason."

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Thinker Themer
  • Dimensions: 8 x 5.8 x 1.5"
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Release date: Aug 2019


  • Design: Jordy Adan
  • Illustration: Lucas Ribeiro
  • Graphic Design: Luis Francisco
  • ​Development: Keith Matejka & John Brieger


  • 100 Map Sheets (double-sided)
  • 43 Cards
  • 4 Pencils
  • 1 Rulebook

There are 7 expansions for Cartographers, which include:

  • Cartographers Heroes - can be played by itself or combined with the base game for more variety.
  • Map Packs 1-6 - add cards, thematic variety, and additional challenges.
  • Mini Expansions (4) - card packs to add variety and new challenges.
  • Colored Pencils
  • Playmat

You can enjoy Cartographers on the following digital platforms:

How to Play

1. Draw Shapes

Choose a combination of terrain and shape, based on cards that are revealed.

Cartographers being played. Various components.
Cartographers in play with game components
2. Fill Your Map

Surround mountains to collect coins and ward off surprise monster ambushes.

3. Score

Earn points each season based on four randomly revealed scoring patterns that provide a wide variety of strategies to win.

Completed Cartographers map, with thematic items lying on table around the map

How to Play Video

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Custom Map Generator

Create and print your own Cartographers maps!

You choose how many of each feature to include (mountains, ruins, wastelands) and then watch the magic happen!

Click "New Map" as often as you wish to generate random and often surprisingly cool maps with your settings.

Save your favorites as PDFs to print and play with your friends!

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