Cartographers Map Pack 6: Hornhelm cover
Filling in the new type of sheet that gives you bonuses in Cartographers Map Pack 6, Hornhelm
Cartographers Map Pack 6 map sheets of two types and 6 merchant cards
6 merchant cards for Cartographer Map Pack 6, Hornhelm

Cartographers: Map Pack 6, Hornhelm

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Explore the market and purchase valuable gear.
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  • 75 new map sheets + 75 market sheets with upgrade items to purchase
  • 6 merchant cards that allow players to purchase items

Cartographers: Map Pack 6, Hornhelm can be played with either Cartographers or Cartographers Heroes.

It includes 150 double-sided new map sheets featuring a market to purchase items and 6 merchant cards, a new card type specifically for use with this map pack. Players receive two sheets - one on the map side (front) and one on the market side (back) - and purchase items for ongoing effects and reputation stars at the end of the game.

Deep in the barren wastes lies the famed Saurian market at Hornhelm, where merchants from across Ulos gather to hawk their wares. On display are fine fabrics, aromatic spices, and a variety of impressively crafted goods. Of particular interest to you are the merchants selling specialized gear that can increase the speed of your labour and the accuracy of your maps. Improve your tradecraft by equipping yourself with items from the wasteland market.

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