Skulk Hollow 2D box cover
Skulk Hollow box on top of table with components.

Skulk Hollow + Ancient Relics (Mini-Expansion)

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Battle as enormous Guardians and the clever Foxen clan.
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  • Asymmetric combat game for 2 players
  • Features variable player powers and hand management
  • Award-winning game designed by our own Keith Matejka

In Skulk Hollow, two players take the roles of either a towering behemoth of a Guardian trying to eliminate the clans of foxes who have been causing havoc on the countryside, or a band of foxen heroes out to vanquish the evil beast that has been terrorizing the land and reunite the four kingdoms of Børe. Play on the board AND the Guardian for epic battles.

Players use action cards to move their units, summon, and use special abilities. Taking down a guardian requires the Foxen player to leap onto the Guardian player board and take out different parts of the character.

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